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Indian Journal of Maternal and Child Health
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Current Issue (January - March 2015)

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Case Reports

A Rare Manifestation of Postpartum Complication: A Case of Sheehan’s Syndrome
Rudra Samar, Singh Swati, Lohia Manisha

Differential in Antenatal Care Visit: A Case Study of Uttar Pradesh
Niraj K. Singh, K. K. Jha, Rajesh K. Sharma, Nishant Verma

Postpartum Hematuria: A Challenging Case
A.Reddy, G.Radhakrishnan, R.Aggarwal, Ag Radhika, H.Srivastava

Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis in Newborn: A Case Report
Sudhir Kumar Rana


A comparative KAP study on Rubella and its Vaccination among medical and non medical college girl students of Vijayawada, India
Rajagopal Rao Kodali, Sitaramacharyulu Peesapati

A comparative study of teenage births and births outcomes among deliveries conducted at a tertiary hospital in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh
Tomar Shashi P, Kushwah AP, Kushwah SS

A study of the influence of depleted iron stores in severely anemic pregnant women on iron stores of their babies from birth to third postnatal month
Yashu Saini, Sheela Bharani, Ruchi Saini

Adolescent TT immunization: Off The Radar of Public Health in India?
Mangal Abha, Nimavat Khyati, Dabar Deepti, Yadav Sudha

Anemia in adolescent girls - prevalence and determinants
Lata R.Kollur

Assessment of unmet need for contraception among married women in Urban Field Practice Area of S.N. Medical College, Bagalkot.
Pallavi A. Potdar, Ashutosh B. Potdar, C.H. Ghattaragi, Vivek R. Raikar

Bacterial isolates and their antibiotic susceptibility patterns in Neonatal sepsis
Srinivasa S, Arun Kumar

Breast feeding practices among mothers in urban area of Adilabad, Andhra Pradesh
Burankar Vidhya, Naik D

Determinants of domestic violence amongst women attending an Integrated Counseling and Testing Centre of a secondary care hospital in India
Narinder K. Saini, Pragti Chhabra, Rahul Sharma, Rashmi Saini

Does the paternal and maternal anthropometry influence the birth weight of the children? A cross sectional study in a rural maternity hospital, South India
Rock B, Avita J, Bhavya B, Pinto AV, Sylvia J, Kamath D.

Knowledge, attitude and practice of emergency contraceptives use among women in reproductive age group in rural and urban area of Ambala district Haryana, India
Kumar R, Ahmed N, Goyal A, Bhardwaj A, Mittal A, Singh J

Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy in Morbid Obese Females and Their Pregnancy Outcome
Arvind Goyal, Vikas Garg, Jyoti Jindal, PS Nain

Morbidly adherent placenta: management options
Vineeta Gupta, Neeta Bansal, Anuja Nanda, Arti Sharma, Archna Tandon, Prachi Maheshwari

Obstetric outcome in labouring patients with intravenous tramadol and epidural analgesia with ropivacaine
Taneja A, Garg S, Grewal A, Kaur A, Gupta S, Satinder K

Prevalence and Pattern of Psycho-active Substance Use in Adolescent Psychiatric Patients
T K Sidhu

Reproductive Morbidity and Health Care Seeking Behaviour among Females of Urban Slums in a City of Northern India
Lata Kanchan, Agarwal Monika, Singh J.V, Khanna Anish, Singh V. K.

Results from assessing the care given to the clients coming to receive the Antenatal care at the Birthing Centers in Nepal
Jagat Basnet, Pranita Thapa, Yogesh Gopal Parajuli

Risk Factors, Causes and Clinical Profile of Severe Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia in a Tertiary Care Hospital
Nithya S.L., Sivasaranappa, Srinivasa .S

Socio Demographic Profile of PreEclampsia Cases in Western Uttar Pradesh
Bhushan Kumar, M.A Haque, Anurag Srivastava, BS Deswal

Study on Awareness and Attitude towards Human Papilloma Virus Vaccination among Healthcare Professionals in Basaveshwara Hospital, Chitradurga, Karnataka
Basavanthappa S P, Kumara Swamy R C, Srinivasa Murthy C L, Mayuri Reddy, Nikhil P T, Rajath Pejavar, Manu M A

To Compare the Difference in Knowledge Regarding Various Aspects of Antenatal Care and Infant Care among Rural and Urban Beneficiaries in Kanchipuram District of Tamil Nadu
Padhyegurjar Manasi Shekhar, Elayarani Elavarasan, Padhyegurjar Shekhar Bhikaji, Gladius Jennifer. H