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A Study on Clinical Profile and the Utility of Ultrasound Abdomen in Dengue Fever
Srinivasa S, Tanveer Nawab, Chaithanya C Nair

Abnormal uterine bleed – An adverse event of long term centchroman use?
Agarwal Rachna, Radhakrishnan Gita, Radhika AG, Grover Anshul

An Assessment of utilization of Reproductive and child Health Services and Client satisfaction in Gwalior District ( MP)
Ranjana Tiwari, Dhiraj Kumar, Srivastava, Manoj Bansal, Parharam Adhikari, Maendra Chouksey, Shakshi Tiwari

Body Mass Index as an indicator to assess under-nutrition in pre-school children- A Cross-sectional study
R K Nayak, P R Walvekar

Challenges in implementing ICDS scheme-A Study about facilities available in Anganwadi Centres of Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation, Andhra Pradesh, India
Kanta Helena, Bhimarasetty Devi Madhavi, Pentakota J Srinivas

Corrective Biotherapy for developmental disorders
Khedekar S., Shelake V., Jamkhedkar S.

Determinants influencing immunization coverage among urban slum inhabitants in Mumbai, A cross-sectional study
Pakhare Abhijit P, Fenandez Sofiya D, Shinde Ratnendra R

Does Domestic Environment Influence the Acute Respiratory Infection Among Children: A Regional Analysis of Highest Populous State of India?
Gupt Rajan, Kumar Prahlad

Does the paternal and maternal anthropometry influence the birth weight of the children? A cross sectional study in a rural maternity hospital, South India
Rock B, Avita J, Bhavya B, Pinto AV, Sylvia J, Kamath D

India’s progress toward the 5th Millennium Development Goal: A critical review
Anand Ahankari, Takawira Marufu

Interrelation between Reproductive Morbidities and BMI in Adolescents Girls of UP, India
Sujata Deo, Monika Gautam, S P Jaiswar, P L Shankhwar

Neonatal Morbidity and Mortality Pattern of Term Babies Born Through Elective, Emergency LSCS (Lower Segment Caesarean Section) and Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery (SVD)
Varghese Mathew, P. Soundararajan, Jasmina Begum

Social Determinants and Household Practices for Acute Childhood Morbidities in Rural TamilNadu
Thirunavukarasu MR, Dongre AR

Successful maternal and fetal outcome of pregnancy following heart valve replacement using a sequential anti coagulation regime
Suman Puri, Dinesh Jain, Rajeev Kumar Gupta, Pooja Tandon, Gurleen, Inderjot Bajwa

Tubercular pyomyositis of quadriceps femoris in an immunocompetent infant
Sumeet R Dhawan, Devi Dayal, Amit Rawat, Kushaljit S Sodhi, Nalini Gupta

Unsafe Abortions and Safe Motherhood: Are the Needs Met?
Jain M, Kalra R, Verma S, Sapkal R

What determines urban women’s choice of maternity care? A qualitative approach in Lagos, Nigeria
Okafor IP, Ezeiru SS, Kanma-Okafor OJ